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US Muay Thai Open 2019 Recap By Combat Corner


The Combat Corner Crew flew from a 30º weather in WI to a gorgeous 90º Phoenix Arizona in order to attend the 2019 US Muay Thai Open, This year USMTO was full of great fights and tons of fun. Check Out The full Photo Library on our Facebook Page.

After gathering the boxes from the inbound facility and figuring out the booth’s spot, we were able to hang out and chat with coaches and athletes during weigh-ins.

With a surprisingly relaxed vibe, we watched the competitors come and go making weight, we expected to see a lot more nervous faces that day.

We were informed that day that there was a new mandatory Blood Work rule that could have affected the attendance of competitors this year.

U.S. Muay Thai Open Day 1

The First Day was full of Action, the air was charged with the adrenaline of the competitors and the cheers of the audience, we were pleased to see a lot of new and old faces, including Richard de los Reyes from Mango Tree, Mark Beecher from Hyena Muay Thai, Lino Enriquez from Main Event Muay Thai, Leo Perrucci from Forza Combat Sports and Dave Brooks from Universal Muay Thai.

We had a great day watching the first rounds of fights. A lot of great matches ending on the early rounds can tell you more about the intensity of the fights. But don’t believe us, You can watch the Highlight Video Below!

At Night we enjoyed dinner at Bobby Q’s a famous restaurant in the area, with our friends and co-event sponsor Dmitriy & Stephen from Muay Thai Addict.

Then we headed to a shooting range where we had a few fun rounds of BANG. You can judge our skill in the highlight video above.

After we were done, we decided to visit the Old Town, or as our Uber driver called it the “little Vegas of Phoenix”. We toured in motorized scooters looking for a good bar.


During the second day of competition, the ambience intensified as the competitors that originally had a bye got to the complex to finally compete.

The roaring cheers intensified as well as the sound of the anxious competitors hitting pads, getting ready to get in the ring and fight.

We got the pleasure of meeting with a lot of the best Muay Thai coaches in the region and the US. that day as they arrived to coach their students.

We had the honor to say hi! to Patrick Rivera from Valor Training Center, Bob Perez from Main Street Boxing, Michael Chase Corley from Heritage Muay Thai (USMF President), Ricardo Perez from Team Toro, Danny Brandt from Dans Gym and Paul MCGowan from Chandler MMA 

We also had the pleasure of talking to Kevin from Sports Exchange, make sure to check them out if you are in the Phoenix Area, as well as Karina & Phil from Authentic Muay Thai Supply

By the end of the day, we got to relax and chat with some of the coaches as we shared some business chats over drinks.

United States Muay Thai Open 2019 Final Day

The final day was amazing, with vibrant energy in the air, the finals started. As we watched some heavy wins, the intensity in the crowd and pad work area escalated, everyone seemed to be ultra-focus.

The young ones killed it, with a no striking to the face rule, some punches occasionally slipped through, as you could see the fury escalating in their eyes and faces.

We were happy to see a lot of kids and young adults competing! Special thanks to Brandon and Thiago, the USMTO Promoters for hosting a great event once again!

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