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Martial Arts Explorer: From Cali to Vegas

A Trip from Cali to Vegas exploring the present and future of Martial Arts

First Stop, Long Beach CA

After a few weeks of planning, our CEO, and Marketing Manager of Combat Corner  went on a 5-day trip to visit the Long Beach Agenda Show, claimed by them as “the most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show in the world”, The Martial Arts Super Show in Las Vegas and a small weekend stroll through San Diego, CA.

Starting at The Long Beach Agenda Show, this trade show is truly a unique environment of creativity and new product discoveries.

Along with a radical skater park, food trucks, and even a music festival, Agenda is the coolest place to seek for the new trends in the lifestyle and fashion industries.

Martial Arts

Visiting Gyms

As night was falling, Dan and Dani decided to visit some Gym on their way to the next city. Speaking to the owners and knowing their challenges, opinions, and history is truly important for us to grow and improve as a company.

gym owners and athletes surprise us all the time with their interesting stories and great knowledge. This trip was not the exception as Dan and Dani stopped for a history lesson in the first Muay Thai facility in Southern California dating from the 1960’s

BJJ in San Diego CA

The next stop and with the week coming to an end, Dan and Dani headed to San Diego to experience first hand the SoCal culture, surf and one of the best places to practice BJJ.

San Diego is packed with really good places to train MMA, Gi and NoGi Jiu-Jitsu, all the big names seem to have HQs or state of the art facilities. Atos, Checkmat,  Victory MMA  and 10th Planet, all in one small city!

Connecting in Las Vegas, Baby!

Last stop in Las Vegas for the 2018 Martial Arts Super Show. Our CEO sees a lot of familiar faces and shakes a few new hands, they tour around the floor carefully seeking for new trends, brands, old friends and new friends.

As the last day ends and the show is almost over, they made some solid connections, spent some Vegas money and learned a lot more about what is coming next year for the Martial Arts industry.

Are you ready? We are!

Take a Look at the Video of this Trip!

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