CFFC 16 The Recap

The Combat Corner staff arrived an hour previous to the start of the event to hand out T-shirts to our top sponsored athletes, the sold-out arena was already filled with a highly energetic crowd, we got to see great fights and a lot of heart in both red and blue corners. Here the recap for those 7 amateur fights and 5 Professional fights that finally crowned new amateur champion.

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Amateur Fight Schedule

  • 135lb Division Jared Alexander vs. Alex Rego scheduled for 3 min rounds, we saw a dominant performance from Alex Rego who wins by unanimous decision
  • 155 lb Division Benyamin Copeland vs Mike Greiner scheduled for 3, 3min rounds, Copeland gets guard on Greiner, eventually, Greiner takes out Copeland by TKO at 2 min 19 secs on the very first round
  • 135 lb Division Peter Lo vs Jordan Carrow scheduled for 3, 3 min rounds. Peter Lo came pretty strong on the first round, the fight gets to the ground and Lo gets the win by submission in the first min of the very first round
  • 170 lb Division Carlito Schiro vs Peter Kulibert scheduled for 3, 3 min rounds. Kullibert submits Schiro via triangle choke in the first minute with 14 sec of the very first round
  • 165 lb Division JT Schulte vs Nikita Strokus scheduled for 3, 3 min rounds. JT with a phenomenal background in wrestling taking full advantage of it grinds Strokus, finally during an aggressive exchange in which Schulte seems to take some damage, Schulte takes the win by TKO in round 2 in 2 min and 31 sec
  • 155 lb Division James Mayhew vs. Conor Fussner scheduled for 3, 3min rounds. Early on, Mayhew comes very strong landing some heavy hits, rocking Connor and making him drop, James takes full advantage of this landing on top of Fussner, Fussner regains composure quickly, comes back to it and wins via armbar submission Round 1 2:41 sec in. What a fight!
  • 205 lb Division John Jones vs Wes Holtz scheduled for 3, 3 min rounds. Jones comes in strong, pushes Holtz against the fence where he starts working his clinch, Jones lands some strikes and a heavy body kick that seems to rock Holtz. Holtz holds composure and makes it to the second round! Wes comes back for the win by TKO at 1 min and 40 secs.
  • 155 Amateur Championship Belt Bout: Bobby Oldenburg vs. Devon Seitz. 3, 3 min round. This fight went all 3 rounds, Devon Seitz came strong with his wrestling, grinding Oldenburg and winning by unanimous decision.

Professional Fight Schedule

  • 170 lb Division Nolan Cain vs Seijo Imazaki, 3, 5 min rounds. This fight ended shortly after Seijo went for a takedown dislocating Nolan’s elbow and ended the round via TKO injure at round 1, 1 min 16 sec.
  • 165 lb Division Darren Gibbs vs. Craig Eckelberg 3, 5 min rounds. Craig came out very strong, showcasing his dominant wrestling game, grinding his way to the win via unanimous decision.
  • 165 lb Division Patrick Delgado vs Ted Worthington 3, 5 min rounds. Delgado came out strong outstriking and displaying a strong wrestling game, Delgado finally gets the win via guillotine submission on round 2 at 0.29 sec in.
  • 175 lb Division Dante Schiro vs James Conway 3, 5 min rounds. Dante Shiro with a very dominant performance takes Conway’s back early on, Conway survives the first round, Schiro gets the win via TKO on the second round 3min 13 sec.
  • Main Event 205 lb Division Alex Polizzi vs Cedrick Savage 3, 5 min rounds. Alex Polizzi came out very strong, capitalizing on his footwork and speed skills, he seems to rock Savage early on, and gets the win via TKO round 2 3min 42 sec in.

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