Pettis at UFC 136

Watch Combat Corner sponsored UFC fighter and hometown favorite Anthony Pettis, return to the octagon at UFC 136 on Saturday, October 8th. After a well fought, but ultimate decision loss to Clay Guida, Anthony Pettis is looking forward to adding another win to his already 13-2 record. With a reputation of having “knockout power” and Steven’s reported trash talk, Anthony Pettis is looking to make this a great fight:
“I haven’t really lashed out or talked any crap at all,” he said. “I’m gonna let my fight skill do the talking.  I’ve got a lot to prove in this fight, it’s my second one in the UFC and I need to get that ‘W’ and I need to  do it the ‘Showtime’ way.” I’m here to stay. I’m not just a one kick wonder and I’m not a guy who just got lucky once. I’m coming for that title shot and I’m gonna earn my title shot.

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