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Now that you are part of Combat Corner Professionals Team we have offered you our initial sponsorship for the next 6 month period.  Over the next 6 months we will expect you to be an active member in the community promoting our brand and products in all ways possible (word of mouth, social media, wearing and using our products in training and competition etc). Remember, we have eyes and ears everywhere so represent!

After 6 months we will review everything you have accomplished both in competition and promoting Combat Corner.  If you have shown that you are loyal and devoted to being part of our team, we will look to offer a more lucrative sponsorship. Yes, that means you can make some coin!

We look to build long term relationships with our athletes so keep us informed about your training and fights/competitions.  The best way to do this is through social media, Tag (@combatcorner) us in all relevant posts on facebook, twitter, Google+, Instagram pages with Pictures, Videos, or just an update.  If we get a great picture or video we will use it on our website! Remember to tag us in your posts or pictures and hashtag #REPCombatCorner.

Get to work!
– Combat Corner Professional


The list of tasks below are requirements of the first steps in your Combat Corner Brand Ambassador Program. If you fail to complete these tasks or in any way show disrespect to our company or your sponsorship, this opportunity will be revoked immediately. Combat Corner takes you seriously and we expect the same in return…

1. As part of the team you MUST be following/like our pages listed below.

This is how we will get updates and keep track of your accomplishments. Remember to use the hashtag #REPCOMBATCORNER in all of your Combat Corner social media posts. If you don’t have  social media account profiles at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, & Youtube, they only take a couple minutes to set up and are great to help promote yourself. Simply visit each of their webiste’s and follow the online sign up instructions.

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2. Tag a Picture of Yourself Wearing CC Gear.

Once you have liked and/or followed all of our pages, we want you to take a picture of yourself wearing your new Combat Corner gear or apparel. Then post the picture to your profile wall, and tag Combat Corner in it! remember to also use the hashtag #REPCOMBATCORNER and feel free to let people know we’re sponsoring you! Have fun with it but, inappropriate pictures will get your sponsorship revoked instantly.

3. Always ‘Rep Combat Corner!

If you want to be a real part of our Combat Corner family than act like it. Represent our company to the fullest by always showing off your latest CC gear and apparel. Promote our brand at events, inside, and outside of the gym to friends and family and give us shout outs on social media. Remember that we will keep our eye out for you!


To Get You Started

Use these images below to get started showing off Combat Corner Professional. Click and/or save any of the images below and use them as your profile pics and more on social media. The more we see you supporting our brand the more we will want top support you!

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Over the course of the next 6 months you will receive more required tasks and responsibility from Combat Corner Professional. Train hard, stay healthy, and always be ready to make the next step in your career!

Combat Corner

Combat Corner Professional is a martial arts equipment manufacturer founded by professional fighters in 2007. Using only the best raw materials, innovation and cutting edge designs we supply many of the most respected fighters & teams in the world. With our eyes, ears & fists in the gym we are able to stay connected and relevant to the needs of all athletes beginner to pro. Who’s in your Corner?

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